The new Cosmic order is spatial, spiritual, social, and mystical. It is energized by capitalism, the future, architecture, and dreams. The new Cosmic order situates itself in relationship to global and local construction companies, real estate investment firms, and corporate research and development. The new Cosmic order is made up of organic-kale-eating-vegan activists and philanthropists, jeans-and-hoody-wearing social entrepreneurs and executives, and Macbook-Pro-owning-coffee-shop-dwelling creatives and freelancers. Most individuals in the new Cosmic order embody all of these characteristics simultaneously.

The new Cosmic order emerges from the historical contexts of colonialism, capitalism, and modernity. These situations have created new contexts, that both dominate the contemporary, human condition:

  • contingency, precarity, and partialness
  • stability, calculation, and groundedness

In response, the new Cosmic order demands an imaginary that is:

  • temporary
  • propositional
  • provisional

Preview of (rear projected) moving tri-image