There/Here: A Mobile Exhibit explores the farcical chasm between the entropy of everyday life and the gallery’s illusion of stasis, establishing a hybrid method of representation that exposes not only the political nature of movement, mobility, and displacement, but also the sociopolitical ramifications of a-centricity: that which is both here and there, or nowhere. The exhibit quite literally transforms the white cube space into a vehicle of dissolved binaries, transporting works across the social map and knitting conceptions of mobility in life and art. This exploration involves not only the displacement and transplantation of objects from physical space – from the studio to the street - but questions the political act of movement for different species, identities, and time periods as well, exposing the journey itself as a liminal space. The mobile nature of There/Here fuses a simultaneous critique, parody, and tribute to the white cube within a hybrid context where mobility is present both as a conceptual investigation, and a physical fact. This exhibit mimics the displacement of people, places, objects, and abstractions through movement and brings the gallery space to the streets and sidewalks, underscoring their function as a method of motion while laying bare their purpose as a political, social, cultural, economic, aesthetic, and relational site.

Exhibition Locations (Grand Rapids, MI):
(106) Calvin College Gallery, Free Radical - November 1, 2013
Kendall College of Art and Design - November 4, 2013
Grand Valley State University - November 5, 2013
Urban Institute for Contemporary Art, Free Radical - November 8, 2013

See artists, catalogs (PDF), and other announcements on the website:

The exhibit was made possibly with support of Grand Valley State University and was led by Professor Anna Campbell. Thank you to the exhibiting artists and for allowing their work to be reproduced, when necessary.

There/Here: A Mobile Exhibit was developed by Curatorial Studio, an undergraduate course in the Visual Studies emphasis area in the department of Art & Design at Grand Valley State University, near Grand Rapids, MI. The curriculum explores the presentational, critical, and theoretical discourse specific to such practice within a studio art context.