Public Pitch is an exploration into my connection with the city and urban environment. I wanted to examine the relationship between activity and material and how the interactions between the two shape the condition in which we live in.

The tent was hand made from shear, a mesh like fabric. This provided a transparency literally and figuratively: public vs. private. The mesh also lends to the dysfunctionality of the tent, thereby emphasizing the activity involved in "pitching a tent". I viewed the tent as more of a prop in a greater performance.

Essentially, I wanted to (re)claim public space as my own. It was an experiment to see what would happen if I did so--how would people react?

Tents can be seen as a symbol of the concept, Axis Mundi. Axis Mundi is a "center of the world feeling," that is often spiritual and material. Physically, it is usually a tall, vertical structure, established to create a (cosmic or worldy) center point; for example, a clock tower on a university campus, Mt. Fuji in Japan, or the mythical Tree of Life. When one pitches a tent in the wilderness, it is often one's means of survival--one may venture away from the tent in any given direction, but one always returns to base camp. Establishing an Axis Mundi is both a spiritual and physical act--changing landscape ultimately changing the human condition.

Photos by Chase Covell